We are no longer building packages for various distros. We encourage users to push their distribution to include Mangler as a package within their repositories.

Source Code


Check out directly from SVN using the following SVN URLs:

  • Unstable:
  • Release:

Debian (SID), Ubuntu 11.10+, Mint 12+

Debian packages of Mangler are now available in Debian SID. The package has also been picked up for Ubuntu 11.10 and Mint 12. Users of these distributions can run “sudo apt-get install mangler” for installation.



Gentoo users can run “emerge mangler” to get the latest release, or find a live subversion ebuild in the multimedia overlay.


There is a port available for FreeBSD. Run the following command to install it:

cd /usr/ports/audio/mangler && make install clean

Android (1.5 through 2.2)

iPhone (Unofficial and not suported)

We don’t officially offer an iPhone version of Mangler. A company named Forwardcode, LLC wrote an iPhone version which we had removed from the Apple iTunes store. They then provided the source code to comply with the GPL. Afterwards, a third party published this on Cydia. We don’t maintain this version, but it’s available to use if you choose to do so. You can find it by searching for Mangler inside Cydia as it is available on one of Cydia’s default repositories (ModMyi)

The source for the iOS version can be found on github:

All Downloads (Android and Old Versions)

For older versions (or a full list of files), visit

Old Binary Versions

We no longer provide binary versions of Mangler. You will need to contact your distribution’s packaging team if you want packages specific to your distribution. You can find old versions of the last Mangler packages we have released:

Debian Based Packages (Ubuntu, Mint, etc)

Fedora Core


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